Thursday, August 30, 2012

Some New Life Drawings

Here's a few life drawings I did at #Hashtag Gallery's inaugural life drawing session. I highly recommend checking it out! Great dudes organizing all sorts of great activities and events outside of exhibits. It's been a minute since I busted a life drawing, but I think I was able to grind a bit of the rust off. Practice makes perfect....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reach For The Sky

I recently had the pleasure of designing an info-graphic for New Home Buyer's Network. It outlines the growth in high and low rise real estate in the last 6 years in Toronto. Have a look, and check them out on facebook here or the web here

Official website redesigned!

Guys. GUYS. I finally completed the redesign of my site. It's no longer flash (thank god), but can be found at the same address as before: 

There's some new work up there as well.

You may have noticed the new look to this blog as well. I intend to continue to use this blog as a process gallery, where I will show progress shots of various projects and news of upcoming shows and events. Any comments and/or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks everyone for your continued support!